'A boat upside down so your gear's safe and sound'

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New Innovation

The worlds first high capacity car roof box that flips over and becomes an ultra portable boat. A boat upside down so your gears safe and sound.Learn More

It's a Boat!

The lightweight 20 kg design means anybody can simply flip it over and start boating. With an added wheel you simply roll it to the water.Learn More

Power or Row

Whilst Boat Pack comes standard with rowlocks and oars you can easily attach a small electric motor and really get moving.Learn More

Beautiful Design

Made in the UK BoatPack is not only durable and lightweight but double skinned for extra strength.  It also has a load capacity of 175Kg.Learn More

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What you’re saying!

Outstanding product destined for great success I am sure!
Matthew Page, Boatie
I got the boatpack and have never looked back, the new freedom that this product gives me is priceless we now have a lot more fun at weekends
Tony Barton, Fisherman
Pre-ordered mine today! cant wait to make some friends jealous
Peter M, Fly Fisherman
With a similar roof box costing as much this is a no brainer
David C, Adventurist